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Perhaps your roof has developed a huge leak and needs to be fixed ASAP. Or maybe it’s too damaged to repair and you’ve decided to replace it with a new one. Either way, CAL Pacific Roofing can assist you! We are a team of roofing service experts in Salinas, CA, and we can help you with a wide range of roofing projects. Book an appointment with us today!

Quality Roofing Service in Salinas, CA!

Our Roofing Solutions

Roof Repair

We fix both residential and commercial roofs, so you can turn to our team whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial landlord. We can repair most types of roofing issues, and we can assist you with replacing your old roof with a brand-new one. We even specialize in emergency roof repair as well as property waterproofing! Know more about these services by visiting this page.

If you Need Roof Replacement in Salinas, CA, contact CAL Pacific Roofing!

Our Roofing Service

The roof is what makes a home a shelter. Without it, you, your family, and your property would be left exposed to the elements and the potential damage they can cause. A roof should be sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting so that you and your family can feel safe and have peace of mind. Our company can provide the quality roofing service that will ensure your roof is exactly that, at all times. We have the skillset, experience, integrity, speed, as well as the commitment to excellence that will ensure you get a service that you will be fully satisfied with.

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Roof Repair

A roof plays a major role in any structure – whether it is a home, an office building, a school, you name it. It embodies the concept of shelter. When you have a sturdy roof over your head, you feel protected against the elements, and you feel peace of mind about your property too. Therefore, having a roof that is always in excellent shape is essential. However, many people put off the maintenance of their roofs for two reasons. One is they fear doing the job themselves as it is associated with heights and risks. The other reason is they fear it may be too expensive to hire a specialist to do the job. When you choose our company to do the roof repair for you, you will spare yourself the need for dangerous DIY work, and you won’t have to break the bank for quality results. 

For Emergency Roof Repair in Salinas, CA, contact CAL Pacific Roofing!

Should You Hire Professional Roofers?

In most cases, the answer is almost always “Yes”. Fixing and installing a roof isn’t something that you can easily DIY, so it’s best to entrust your roofing projects to experts like us. By using our roof repair and installation services, you can bring your roof back to excellent condition without lifting a finger!

Modern Techniques and Top-Quality Materials

For reliable roof installation service, we use only world-class materials that let us create durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting roofs. We also use tried-and-tested methods that make our repair and installation tasks easier and help us finish our roofing tasks quickly and efficiently.

CAL Pacific Roofing is the right contractor to hire if you need roof leak repair services, roof replacement and other solutions. Reach out to our roofers in Salinas, CA today and schedule an appointment with our team!

Client’s Testimonial

by Mary M. Norman on CAL Pacific Roofing

My roof developed a serious leak immediately after a strong storm. I called this contractor and they responded right away. The leak was fixed quickly thanks to their help! I recommend their emergency roof repair service to all homeowners.

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